Naomi's Downunder Sees Population Increase

Hipster Irony Removes Fun From Pop Music, Leaves Various Words For Butt

Acoustic versions of highly produced pop songs are the new easiest irony, as evinced by yesterday's most watched Youtube video, an acoustic version of Four Minutes to Save the World. This is just-add-water cultural criticism that bespeaks no thought or compelling effort, but which is publicly lauded for adhering to… » 7/03/08 5:22am 7/03/08 5:22am

The One Where They Hold Out For $10 Million Each

The success of Sex and the City has convinced execs that film versions of beloved 90's sitcoms are a good idea, so a Friends movie is on the way. The article emphasizes Jennifer Aniston's role in the decision making process and speculates she's jealous of Sarah Jessica Parker's recent success. We should put together… » 7/03/08 4:02am 7/03/08 4:02am

Charges Dropped Against America's Most Douchebaggiest Model

The irrationally cocky Russian guy from America's Most Smartest Model has had charges of harassment and sexual abuse dropped by the New York DA's office. Andre Birleanu was one of the dominant personalities of VH-1's America's Next Top Model, a show beloved by all who enjoy hilarity and/or masturbation. He managed to… » 7/02/08 11:51pm 7/02/08 11:51pm

Florent Exits Not With A Whimper, But With A Typography Joke

Restaurant Florent, a foot soldier in the gentrification of the Meat Packing District, has closed its doors, and with the removal of a single letter from the window, declared itself vacant. Alphabetical flourish is an appropriate goodbye for the 24-hour French restaurant as known for its matchbooks as its boudin noir. » 7/02/08 1:14am 7/02/08 1:14am

Lauren Conrad Is Less Stupid And Inane Than You've Been Led To Believe

  • A reporter from Glamour had to spend time with Lauren Conrad and says she's "shockingly well spoken" and shy. Is everything we know about The Hills a lie? Is Lo Bosworth not a shrill manipulating shrew? [Glamour]
  • Victoria Beckham confirms she dated Corey Haim in 1995, but says "We didn't have sex or anything... In…
  • » 7/01/08 4:59am 7/01/08 4:59am

Just Take The Second Ventilation Duct To Your Right

The Meat Packing District's newest underground lounge is literally underground. Boasting security measures which would make Interpol blush, the club requires you earn the good graces of a bouncer through "an interrogation-room-style, two-way tinted-glass door...Then head downstiars, down a kitchen corridor, and… » 7/01/08 2:41am 7/01/08 2:41am

Vanity Fair Curses A New Generation of Demi-Stars

During the warm, lazy days of summer, Vanity Fair likes to turn its attention to Hollywood, declaring some actor or clutch of actors the future of entertainment. It rarely ends well. This time they've taken something of a shotgun approach, naming 27 young actors, aged 15 to 26, to be the brightest stars in Hollywood.… » 7/01/08 1:37am 7/01/08 1:37am